Nordik Folk

We are a Scandinavian Culture Club who meets Monthly September-May on the 3rd Monday of each month at Ridge United Methodist Church on Columbia Avenue in Munster, IN. 6:30 pm. All are welcome! We enjoy Scandinavian culture by celebrating the holidays, music, language, crafts and history of Scandinavia!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Midsummer at Chellberg Farm

Midsummer at Chellberg Farm 
in June 2014

The rain held out until the afternoon so that we could help raise the Maypole at Chellberg Farm and sing and dance.  This is always an enjoyable event for Nordik Folk and Nordikids alike set in Chesterton, Indiana at the Dunes.  

Lynda Smith with Nordikids Jaylyn, Ashlyn, and
Brooklyn Sinwwelski, and Jennifer, Melissa and Kristine Pearson

Jaylyn Sinwelski

The raising of the Maypole

Steven Lesko helping raise the Maypole

Lynda Smith and Nordikids leading the Maypole Dances

Annelise, April & Sofia Nelson

Nordikids delighting the crowd with traditional
Midsummer Song

District Convention News

Vasa Order of America
District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8

District Cultural leader and Nordik Folk member
Tim Ogrentz

The District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8 106th Annual Convention and meeting was held May 30 - June 1st at the Chicago Marriott Southwest in Burr Ridge, IL.  Delegates from all 19 District Lodges and one Children's Club were on hand to discuss the future of the order as well as celebrate it.

Represting Nordik Folk as delegates for 2014 were:  Linnea Ogrentz, Emily Pearson, Shelly Pehlgrim and Kristin Schmal.  April Nelson represented Nordikids.  Several of our Nordik Folk members who hold District Positions were on hand:  Mike Pearson Sr. (Vice District Master), Joella Hultgren (Assistant District Secretary & Valthornet Editor), Lynda Smith (Supervisor of children's & Youth Clubs), Tim Ogrentz (District Cultural Leader), and Herb Smith (2nd Year Auditor).  

Along with all of the District Board Member Reports, there is a place for new discussion usually regarding the future of VASA and our lodges as membership continues to dwindle.  There was a nice moment during the convention where we divided into discussion groups on the behest of Jubileum No. 755, to share ideas and to ask important questions about membership.  These were some of the ideas/observations:  Many delegates felt that local lodges needed more cultural events and shorter business meetings.  It was suggested that we all ask ourselves why we joined VASA, and what we think would make it appealing for others interested in Scandinavian Culture to join.  What can we do within our local lodges to make our meetings, programs and events worthwhile and interesting to our communities?

Distinguished Service Award 

Vice District Master Mike Pearson & Assistant District Secretary &
Distinguished Service Award Recipient
Joella Hultgren dual member of Svea No. 253 and Nordik Folk 761, received the District Lake Michigan No. 8 Distinguished Service Award for 2014.  It was presented to her by our own Past Chairman & Vice District Master, Mike Pearson.  Joella has been the Editor of the Valthornet since 2007. She is also the Assistant District Secretary.  Joella has certainly provided  distinguished Service to Vasa and we congratulate her on her accomplishment.  We are lucky to have such a distingushed member in our lodge. She joins Lynda Smith, who received the award at last year's convention.  

Vasa Scholarship Awards

Concordia Language Camp Recipients:
Melissa and Jennifer Pearson, Harry Ogrentz & Steven Lesko

District Scholarships:  Katie Westlund, Rachel Hannigan,
Abigail Ogrentz & Emily Pearson

Grand Lodge Scholarships:  Katie Weslund, Rachel Hannigan
 & Abigail Ogrentz
2014/2015 District Officers:
District Master-Sue Cleveland; Vice District Master-Mike Pearson, Sr.; District Secretary-Nancy Hult; Assistant District Secretary- Joella Hultgren; District Treasurer- John Loula; District Hospital Fund Secretary- Linda Tylk; District Executive Board member- Gene Kiesel; District Executive Board member- Paula Stopka; District supervisor of Children and youth Clubs- Lynda Smith; District Cultural leader- Timothy Ogrentz; District Chaplain- Marvin Anderson; District Master of Ceremonies- David Runstrom; District Inner Guard- James Pelzman; District Outer Guard- Steven Westlund; District Auditor (3 yrs)- Robert Merrill; District Auditor (2yrs)- Herbert Smith; District Auditor (1yr)- Eric Swanson; District Historian- Iva Lynn; and Past District Master- Edward Hultgren.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Minutes of the Meeting for May 19, 2014

Nordikid Springfest 2014

Nordikid Springfest 2014

     Springfest was a small & intimate event this year as we hoped and prayed for swift treatment  and recovery for Nordikid Director, Lynnea Sinwelski, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in late winter. She was a huge inspiration to all as she made it to most of the Nordikid rehearsals throughout her treatment.  All of our members in Nordik Folk and Nordikids stepped up to help lighten the load for the Sinwelski family. By keeping the Springfest performance simple, the Nordikids and instructors were able to concentrate on Scandinavian crafts & folk dance during the Spring session.  The event turned out perfectly.  Ingrid Lesko organized a touching presentation to Lynnea.


District Master, Ed Hultgren and his wife and Nordik Folk Member Joella Hultgren, awarded Nordikids Kristine Pearson and Jaylyn Sinwelski their 5 year membership pins and Brooklyn Sinwelski, John and Astrid Twohy their 1st year pins.

Monday, April 28, 2014

April Nordik Notes


          HAPPY SPRING!!

     We couldn't ask for a more welcome Easter Sunday this year, with temperatures in the 70s and the sun shining.  April always brings a welcome change in weather and season.  While our Fall... leading up to Lucia Fest is more formal, Spring events take on a more laid back approach, and it is when we all gladly bring out the Spring Costumes, the floral head wreaths, and dust off the dancing shoes!  

     Our 4th Business meeting of the year was held on April 21st.  You can find the Minutes of that meeting here:  

  The highlight of the April Meeting was the initiation of John Twohy and Karrie Schwartz of Munster.  
Welcome John & Karrie!!!
Karrie Schwartz & John Twohy

Chairman, Mike Pearson Jr. and Treasurer Beth Raddatz

Lynda Smith

Chaplain Janice Tomky

Vice Chairman Herb Smith administering the solemn promise of all Vasa members

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Installation of Officers 2014

On March 17th, 2014 we had our yearly installation of officers.  Our District Deputy, Nancy Hult officiated with the help of her husband, Sten (Past District Chairman).  We had a delicious dinner of chicken and many sides provided by our members.  Some Swedish, and some Irish in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  Nordikids watched a showing of Disney's "Frozen" during our meeting.  Congratulations to all of our officers!!!

Chairman Michael Pearson, Nordik Folk Deputy
& District Secretary Nancy Hult & Past District Chairman Sten Hult

 Harry Ogrentz and Emily Pearson were newly installed into the positions of Assistant Master of Ceremonies (Harry) and Assistant Financial Secretary (Emily)

Nancy Hult

Sten Hult

Minutes of the Meeting

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nordik Folk Historian / Assistant Secretary Shelly Westlund posted to facebook yesterday all about delicious I asked her to write a guest post for our blog.  Yesterday was Waffle Day in Sweden; and I realize that this is a day late... but you can always enjoy some waffles! 

Glad Våffeldagen!
By:  Michelle Westlund

     Observed nine months prior to Christ's birthday, Waffle Day commemorates Mary's conception.  How did Mary's pregnancy become associated with waffles?  This day used to be called Vårfrudagen (our lady day) in honor of the Virgin Mary, and due to dialect corruptions became Våfferdagen, and eventually the modern Våffeldagen.  Thus, Swedes enjoy waffles on Lady Day.

     Another tale reminds Swedes that migratory birds begin returning to their northern homes around the end of March, and cranes were said to carry sunlight in their beaks.  "on Annunciation Day the crane carries light into bed," is a Scandinavian proverb meaning that in early spring, there is enough daylight- making it unnecessary to carry a candle to light one's way to bed.  Cranes also brought treats and gifts to children (such as dried fruits and oranges) from southern countries, but oddly waffles.

     Traditionally, the waffles are eaten with cloudberry jam and cream.  Glad Våffeldag!