Nordik Folk

We are a Scandinavian Culture Club who meets Monthly September-May on the 3rd Monday of each month at Ridge United Methodist Church on Columbia Avenue in Munster, IN. 6:30 pm. All are welcome! We enjoy Scandinavian culture by celebrating the holidays, music, language, crafts and history of Scandinavia!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Waffle Day

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Genealogy w/ Herb
at the Munster Library
 March 7th
6 pm
"Free Resouces"
Call (219)836-8450 to reserve a spot
or visit:

Nordik Faire Planning

Nordic Faire Planning Meeting
March 13th
at Ridge United Methodist Church
6:30 pm
**Please join us**

The Nordic Faire is scheduled for 
April 29th at
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Vendors, Scandinavian Food & Entertainment

All hands on deck!

February Nordik Folk Minutes of the Meeting

Vasa Order of America
Nordik folk No. 761
February 20, 2017
Minutes of the Meeting

13.  Opening: In the absence of Chairman Tim Ogrentz, Vice Chairman Herb Smith opened the meeting at 7:05 pm. The Chaplain’s Message was read by Elizabeth Allen-Flores.

14.  Attendance: Linnea Ogrentz, Herb Smith, Shelly Westlund, Mike Pearson Sr., Lynn Moline-Buwalda, Janice Tomky, Tonia Tomky, Ingrid Lesko, Elizabeth Allen-Flores, Ron Allen, Karin Schaffer, Sofia Nelson, Annelise Gingold-Nelson, Shana Chelich, Jean Ogrentz, Jean Oak, Beth Raddatz, Fred Raddatz, Shelly Pehlgrim, Lynda Smith, Phyllis Kalajian, Lisa Raddatz, Lisa Pearson, District Deputy Susan Nilsson. Guests: Kristen Lindemulder, Roberta Rich and Donald Rich.

15.  Membership Applications: None

16. Minutes: The Minutes of the January 16th meeting were accepted as read.

17. Financial Reports:
·         Financial Secretary Jean Ogrentz: No report
·         Treasurer: Beth Raddatz
o   Main Account:
Ø  Per Capita Tax              1224.25
Ø  Church Donation            100.00
Ø  VASA CEF                    820.00
Ø  Nordikcreations                84.00
Ø  Glogg                              110.00
Ø  Fest sales                           12.00
Balance:                                   5091.69

o   Camp Scholarship:                      1868.42

18.  Committee Reports:
·         Youth: District Deputy Susan Nilsson reported that there are scholarships for Sjolunden through the American Daughters of Sweden.  The deadline is march 11th.
·         Culture: Cultural Leader Lynda Smith reported that the treat & Culture Program is almost filled up.
·         Sunshine: It was reported that Nordikids pianist Valerie Cook underwent surgery recently.  
·         Nordik Faire: There will be an organizational meeting Monday, February 27th.

19.  Unfinished Business: District Convention Delegates
·         Katie Westlund (new?)
·         Carolyn Kuzminski (new)
·         Ron Allen (new)
·         Elizabeth Allen (new)
·         Mike Pearson Sr. (Nordikids)
·         Alternate: Barbara Hannigan

20. Correspondence:
·         Letter from Susan Cleveland, PDM regarding nominations for District Executive Board positions.  The letter and list of position was passed around. 
·         Letter from District Historian, Mariann Ekstrand calling for Historian Report due March 15th.  Our Lodge Historian is Michelle Westlund. The forms were given to her.

21. Planning for Future Events:
·         Susan Nillson reported a possible trip being organized by Bessemer No. 203 to the Swedish Museum in Andersonville for breakfast with Pippi. She will keep us informed
·         Lynda Smith reported a possible trip to Norway, IL in June.
·         Kubb will start up on Sundays in April at Wicker Park in Highland, IN.
·         March 7th  6 pm: 1st Tuesday genealogy at the Munster Library- “Free Sources”
·         2nd Monday Genealogy:

22.  New Business: Discussion of by-laws to be presented to the District in May. They will be distributed by the March meeting during which time we can discuss them and decide how our delegates should vote as they represent us.

23. Annual Business: Installation of Officers

24. Good of the Order
·         Thank you to Susan Nilsson for coming and officiating our Installation.
·         Herb smith: thanks to all who came out to the Munster Library for the Genealogy group.
·         Shelly Westlund: Asked for prayers for Katie as she enters a final round of interviews for a job.
·         Susan: Greeting from Britt and Bruno Nilsson
·         Ingrid Lesko: Reported having attended the Siljan-Mora-Tuna Installation and thanked everyone for their support after the death of her mother.

25.  Closing: Vice Chairman Herb Smith closed the meeting at 8 pm. The next meeting will be on March 20th.  Culture Program will be presented by Shelly Westlund and snacks will be provided by Linnea Ogrentz.

     In February, we held our Annual Installation Potluck dinner.  Nordik folk families enjoyed chicken and many, many sides before Our District Deputy, Susan Nilsson, officiated the Installation of Officer Ceremony.  Congratulation to our 2017 Nordik Folk Officers!

Vasa Order of America
Nordik Folk No. 761
Officer’s List

Chairman:                                            Timothy Ogrentz
                                                            12849 S. Manistee Ave.
                                                            Chicago, IL. 60633

Vice Chairman:                                    Herbert Smith
                                                            1502 Azalea Dr.
                                                            Munster, IN 46321

Treasurer:                                            Beth Raddatz
                                                            2207 N. Delaware Pkwy
                                                            Munster, IN 46321

Financial Secretary:                              Jean Ogrentz
                                                            2165 Hart St.
                                                            Dyer, IN 46311

Assistant Fin. Sec:                                Emily Pearson
                                                            7309 New Hampshire Pl.
                                                            Hammond, IN 46323

Recording Secretary:                            Linnea Ogrentz
                                                            12849 S. Manistee Ave.
                                                            Chicago, Il. 60633

Assistant Rec. Sec.                               Shelly Pehlgrim
                                                            3012 Crane Place
                                                            Hammond, IN 46323

Master of Ceremonies:                          Janice Tomky
                                                            2927 Bristlecone Drive
                                                            Schererville, IN 46375

Assistant M of C:                                  Ingrid Lesko
                                                            8610 Steeple Hill Drive
                                                            Hickory Hills, IL 60457

Cultural Leader:                                   Lynda Smith
                                                            1502 Azalea Dr.

Chaplain:                                             Elizabeth Allen-Flores
                                                            3336 176th St.
                                                            Hammond, IN 46323

Guard:                                                 Harry Ogrentz
                                                            12849 S. Manistee Ave.
                                                            Chicago, IL. 60633

Lodge Historian:                                  Michelle Westlund
                                                            55 W. Joliet St.
                                                            Schererville, IN. 46375

3-year Chair:                                        Phyllis Kalajian
                                                            2235 Sandcastle Dr.
                                                            Dyer, IN 46321

2-year:                                                 Steve Westlund
                                                            22 West Joliet St.
                                                            Schererville, IN 46375
1-year:                                                 Lisa Pearson
                                                            7209 New Hampshire PL.
                                                            Hammond, IN 46323

3 year chair:                                         Timothy Ogrentz
                                                            12849 S. Manistee Ave.
                                                            Chicago, IL 60633

2 Year:                                                 Herb Smith
                                                            1502 Azalea Dr.
                                                            Munster, IL 46321

3-year:                                                 Jean Ogrentz
                                                            2165 Hart St.
                                                            Dyer, IN 46311

2017 Refreshment & Culture Program Calenda


MONTH                                 TREATS                                CULTURE PROGRAM

FEB                                         Lodge/Pot Luck                      Installation                        .

MARCH                                 Linnea Ogrentz                     Shelly Westlund -Påsk     .

APRIL                                    Annelise & Sofia Nelson       Nordic Faire                           

MAY                                       Shelly Pehlgrim                     (dancing)________________

JUNE                                      (no meeting)                            Midsummer at the Dunes      .
                                                                                                Norway, Ill trip?

JULY                                      (no meeting)                            Kubb Sundays-Ogrentz fam.

AUGUST                                Carolyn Kuzminski               Shelly Westlund-kräftskiva

SEPTEMBER                         Jeans/ Oak/Ogrentz              ___Viking ship_______       .

OCTOBER                             Tomky Family                       ____Viking dinner___           

NOVEMBER                         Phyllis Kalajian                     Shelly Westlund-folkdräkt
                                                & Barb Hannigan

DECEMBER                          (no meeting)                            Luciafest – everyone            .             

JANUARY                             Shelly Westlund                    _____Julgransplundring__    .

January: Happy New Year!

     Happy New Year Nordik Folk!  At this Month's Business meeting on January 16th we worked on planning future events.  Cultural Leader Lynda Smith passed around a Culture Program & Refreshment sign-up sheet.  We ask that if you have a great idea for a Culture Program and would like to present, or know someone who would like to come and present please put it on the calendar.  
     Based on an Online Questionnaire circulated by Lynda smith, you are interested in Kubb, Craft Night, Dance & Language Instruction along with area field trips.  These interests will guide our calendar.  

 NEW GENEALOGY NIGHT: In addition to 2nd Monday Genealogy (which will continue through March at the Ridge United Methodist Church) we will be adding another Genealogy Meeting at the Munster Public Library on Calumet Avenue every 1st Tuesday.  Please join us! there will be free wifi which will allow us to do some internet research and learn about free resources.  This is led by Herb Smith.  Please call the Library to Register at: (219) 836-8450 or go to there events calendar at and sign up online.

Vasa Order of America
Nordik Folk No. 761
January 16, 2017
Minutes of the Meeting

1.       Opening: Chairman Tim Ogrentz opened the meeting at 7:00 pm. Katie Westlund read the Chaplain’s Message.

2.       Attendance: Linnea Ogrentz, tim Ogrentz, Sofia Nelson, Annelise Nelson, Tonia Tomky, Lynda Smith, Phyllis Kalajian, Carolyn Kuzminski, Lisa Raddatz, Lisa Pearson, Mike Pearson Sr., Herb Smith, Ronald Allen, Elizabeth Flores-Allen, Katie Westlund, Michelle Westlund, Steve Westlund, Harry Ogrentz, Beth Raddatz. Guest: Kristine Pearson.

3.       Membership Applications: None

4.       Minutes: The Minutes of the November 21st  Meeting were accepted as read.

5.       Financial Reports:

·         Financial Secretary Jean Ogrentz: No report
·         Treasurer: Beth Raddatz
o   Main Account:
Deposits: Dues-            537.00
            Glogg/Festival  734.00
            Sales/Festival     12.00
            Int. May-Dec.       4.97
Balance:                       5389.94
o   Scholarship Fund:
Deposit: 50/50 Fest       106.00
Balance:                       1868.42

6.       Committee Reports:
·         Youth: Lynda Smith reported that Nordikids will begin on Feb. 13th.  She asked everyone to spread the word and invite new families.  There will be a critter theme with dance, crafts, language and trips.
7.       Unfinished Business: None

8.       Planning for Future Events:
·         A Cultural Program Sign-up sheet and snack sheet were passed around.
·         Activities will be planned based on the questionnaire that Lynda Smith emailed to everyone.  Members were interested in these activities:  Kubb, Craft night, dance instruction, and language.
·         February 13: Genealogy with Herb Smith at Ridge UM at 6:30 pm.
·         February 20th: Installation Potluck at 6pm.  Linnea Ogrentz will invite District Deputy Susan Nilsson to assist with the installation.  Everyone was asked to bring a dish or dessert to share.  A list will be circulated via email.
·         Nordik Faire: Past Faire Coordinator, Lynda smith, announced that she would not be able to continue in that role this year.  Katie Westlund volunteered to be the new Event Coordinator.  Her committee is: Annelise Nelson, Sofia Nelson, Karin Schaffer, Michelle Westlund, Lynda Smith and Linnea Ogrentz.  The date is April 29th at Westminster Presbyterian Church.  Committee Members will be contacted by Katie Westlund for planning.

9.       New Business:
·         Delegates to the District Convention May 5-7th   at the Oak Lawn Hilton in Oak Lawn, IL.  With 59 members, we are allowed 4 delegates for Nordik Folk.  Nordikids is allowed 1.  If you would like to represent our Lodge, email Linnea at  Those who have never been a delegate will be considered first.  The Lodge usually provides expenses for one night hotel.
·         Flower Fund: It was moved by Lynda Smith and seconded by Steve Westlund that we have a flower fund of up to $40 to be used to send flowers in the event that a members’ parent, spouse or child should pass away.  All were in favor.
·         Nordik Folk Website: It was moved by Lynda Smith and seconded by Steve Westlund to  allot $250 for someone to update the lodge website. Mike Pearson volunteered.  All were in favor.
·         Stipend for Secretary: It was moved by Linda smith and seconded by Katie Westlund to provide the Lodge Secretary with $250 for services.  All were in favor.  Checks will be dispersed in March.
·         Church Donation: Every year we donate $100 to Ridge United Methodist Church for space usage.
10.   Annual Business: Election/slate stands
11.   Good of the Order:
·         Chairman Tim Ogrentz apologized to the lodge for having inadvertently missed November’s Good of the Order and thereby failing to mention the death of Diane Rosengren.  She is member Ingrid Lesko’s Mother and was a long-time Vasa member as well as a supporter of Vasa Children’s Clubs.  He felt terrible.
·         Herb Smith announced that there will be genealogy starting up again on February 13th.
·         Herb Smith also announced that he was contacted by the Munster Library who informed him that our time slot for their meeting room every 1st Tuesday of each month was available.  Since we are done with the Viking Lecture Series’ he suggested that he can do a genealogy (census/sources…basic lesson) on February 7th.  It was then discussed that we utilize the space for other things: Book club, dancing, various documentaries etc.  He encouraged us to take advantage of this resource to keep our outreach in the community and also said that we have to call to sign up.
·         Michelle Westlund presented Annelise Nelson with a card and gift from the Lodge to help her thrSough a difficult time.
·         Herb Smith announced that he had some glogg left and would be selling in at a discount (one time only) and reminded everyone that this is the only Lodge Fundraiser each year.
12.   Closing: Chairman Tim Ogrentz closed the meeting at 8:05. The next meeting is February 20th: our Installation Potluck.
Culture Program: Lynda Smith brought all of her Scandinavian magazines to pass out.