Nordik Folk

We are a Scandinavian Culture Club who meets Monthly September-May on the 3rd Monday of each month at Ridge United Methodist Church on Columbia Avenue in Munster, IN. 6:30 pm. All are welcome! We enjoy Scandinavian culture by celebrating the holidays, music, language, crafts and history of Scandinavia!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We did it!!

We did it!!!

The Audit of the books for 2012 is complete!  Pictured from left to right are Lisa Pearson, Jean Ogrentz, Beth Raddatz, Lynda Smith and Phyllis Kalajian.  Not pictured:  Linnea Ogrentz, Herb Smith, Mike Pearson Sr., Annelise Nelson and Michelle Westlund.

Thanks to Herb and Lynda Smith for opening up their home and providing dinner and goodies!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


This week with Nordik Folk:

Annual Audit

Calling all Lodge Auditors, Trustees, Financial Secretaries and Treasurers to the Smith Residence for our Annual "Audit of the Books" at 6:30 pm.  Monday, January 28th.  

District Convention Recipe Book

Please remember to email those cherished family recipes to for the District Convention Cook Book.  Let's see if we can all commit to shooting over at lease one recipe this week!!  I don't bake or cook...but I'm going to send in a recipe I found for Flygande Jakob a popular and more modern recipe they eat in Sweden.  Who can go wrong with chicken, bananas, peanuts and bacon?

Surprisingly, it was pretty good!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nordik Folk No. 761 Business Meeting (1)

     It was nice to see such a great turnout for the first business meeting of 2013 last Monday.  We had a nice turnout of our teen members who are especially good at pointing out document typos.  Hopefully, this is a precursor for them volunteering to take over some of our Nordik Folk Publishing duties!  The link to the Minutes of the Meeting are below and the Lodge database are below.  Please read them and let me know if there are any corrections that need to be made.  The most important business of the day, of course, was the election of our 2013 officers.  Congratulations to our continuing and newly elected officers!

And Now.....
The Nordik Folk Officers of 2013:

Chairman:  Michael Pearson Jr.
Vice Chairman:  Herb Smith
Recording Secretary:  Linnea Ogrentz
Asst. Recording Secretary:  Michelle Westlund
Treasurer:  Beth Raddatz
Financial Secretary:  Jean Ogrentz
Asst. Financial Secretary:  Bryan Tomky
Chaplain:  Janice Tomky
Master of Ceremonies:  Fred Raddatz
Asst. Master of Ceremonies:  Lisa Raddatz
Cultural Leader:  Annelise Gingold-Nelson
Outer Guard:  Les Lesko
Inner Guard:  Ingrid Lesko
Lodge Historian:  Michelle Westlund
Trustees:  Lisa Pearson, Phyllis Kalajian, and Wanda Huszar
Auditors:  Jean Ogrentz, Herb Smith, and Timothy Ogrentz


Monday, January 21, 2013

Business Meeting Agenda January 21st

Vasa Order of America
Nordik Folk Lodge No. 761
Business Meeting
January 21, 2013

I.                    Opening:  Chaplain’s Message
II.                  Membership Applications?
III.                Minutes of the November 19, 2012 Business Meeting
IV.                Financial Report:  Treasurer, Beth Raddatz
V.                  Committee Reports
A.      Youth
B.      Sunsine
C.      Media: 
1.       Valthornet news deadline for April issue is  March 15th
2.      Vasa Star news deadline for Spring Issue is April 1st
3.      Local Papers accept any news any time…pictures w/captions encouraged.
D.     Membership
VI.                Unfinished Business
A.       Recipes for District Convention:  Email to Annalise Nelson
B.      Scholarship Forms due February 28, 2013
VII.              Correspondence
VIII.            Planning for Future Events
A.      Installation Smorgasbord is planned for Sunday, February24th at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Munster.  See Smorgasbord sign-up sheet.
B.       Swedish Pancake Fundraiser?  Discussion
IX.                New Business
A.      Donations to Ridge United Methodist Church:  $50?  Motion/second?
B.      ?
X.                  Annual Business:  ELECTIONS
XI.                Good of the Order
XII.              Closing

Happy 2013!!

     Nordik Folk No. 761 has come a long way since its institution in 2006!  I'm happy to introduce you to the Nordik Folk Corner Blog which I hope will come in handy as a place to read about our meetings, events, fundraisers, Cultural Programs & Trips.  Please sign up to get updates directly to your email box and please send me copies of your pictures so I can post them.

 Our annual Viking Dinner is becoming a sure favorite!  Held at the Presbyterian Church in Munster, all hands were on deck to pull off this feast!   With all the food, games and dress-up going on how could it go wrong? We gathered on November 3rd for this 2nd annual event.  Photo credit here goes to Ingrid Lesko.

Lynda Smith & Janice Tomky 
 Ingrid Lesko & Steven Lesko
Phyllis Kalajian

  Here are some photos from Christmas:

City Wide Lucia at Daley Plaza December 13, 2012

 Emily Pearson, Jennifer Pearson, Lisa Raddatz, Abigail Ogrentz & Steven Lesko participated.
Sara Kennedy & Steven Lesko