Nordik Folk

We are a Scandinavian Culture Club who meets Monthly September-May on the 3rd Monday of each month at Ridge United Methodist Church on Columbia Avenue in Munster, IN. 6:30 pm. All are welcome! We enjoy Scandinavian culture by celebrating the holidays, music, language, crafts and history of Scandinavia!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy 2013!!

     Nordik Folk No. 761 has come a long way since its institution in 2006!  I'm happy to introduce you to the Nordik Folk Corner Blog which I hope will come in handy as a place to read about our meetings, events, fundraisers, Cultural Programs & Trips.  Please sign up to get updates directly to your email box and please send me copies of your pictures so I can post them.

 Our annual Viking Dinner is becoming a sure favorite!  Held at the Presbyterian Church in Munster, all hands were on deck to pull off this feast!   With all the food, games and dress-up going on how could it go wrong? We gathered on November 3rd for this 2nd annual event.  Photo credit here goes to Ingrid Lesko.

Lynda Smith & Janice Tomky 
 Ingrid Lesko & Steven Lesko
Phyllis Kalajian

  Here are some photos from Christmas:

City Wide Lucia at Daley Plaza December 13, 2012

 Emily Pearson, Jennifer Pearson, Lisa Raddatz, Abigail Ogrentz & Steven Lesko participated.
Sara Kennedy & Steven Lesko

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